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12109.72No Equal37.0 Hours ago
21880.33Googolplex21.5 Hours ago
31632.99Unobtanium23.6 Hours ago
41409.52Unobtanium31.2 Hours ago
51220.96Unobtanium22.9 Hours ago
61220.02Unobtanium317.9 Hours ago
71166.13Unobtanium52 Minutes ago
8970.30Unobtanium50.6 Hours ago
9968.18Unobtanium23.6 Hours ago
10876.92Platinum26.1 Hours ago
11813.22Platinum23.5 Hours ago
12756.82Gold23.5 Hours ago
13746.81Gold72.7 Hours ago
14737.17Gold31.9 Hours ago
15733.13Gold45.0 Hours ago
16727.28Gold24.2 Hours ago
17646.79Gold25.5 Hours ago
18645.52Gold148.1 Hours ago
19636.07Gold432.6 Hours ago
20582.97Silver698.9 Hours ago
21553.02Silver501.8 Hours ago
22526.54Silver261.0 Hours ago
23520.45Silver12.4 Hours ago
24510.40Silver620.9 Hours ago
25499.41Silver136.8 Hours ago
26495.79Silver260.8 Hours ago
27482.77SilverOver a month ago
28385.01BronzeOver a month ago
29380.97Bronze192.4 Hours ago
30350.02Bronze333.1 Hours ago
31339.54Bronze27.0 Hours ago
32332.28Bronze4.4 Hours ago
33330.49Bronze504.7 Hours ago
34323.63Bronze66.0 Hours ago
35322.08Bronze310.8 Hours ago
36278.39Finisher358.1 Hours ago
37267.76Finisher23.5 Hours ago
38258.26Finisher21.4 Hours ago
39257.12Finisher283.9 Hours ago
40237.62FinisherOver a month ago
41231.98Finisher448.2 Hours ago
42230.58Finisher18.6 Hours ago
43214.97Finisher34 Minutes ago
44209.49FinisherOver a month ago
45202.03FinisherOver a month ago
46201.30Finisher263.3 Hours ago
47200.53Finisher18.8 Hours ago
48192.91FinisherOver a month ago
49184.84FinisherOver a month ago
50184.40FinisherOver a month ago
51183.35FinisherOver a month ago
52182.33FinisherOver a month ago
53181.46FinisherOver a month ago
54173.16Finisher670.0 Hours ago
55171.98Finisher185.5 Hours ago
56171.95Finisher695.2 Hours ago
57170.49FinisherOver a month ago
58169.90Finisher138.2 Hours ago
59169.38FinisherOver a month ago
60165.98Finisher433.1 Hours ago
61163.67FinisherOver a month ago
62158.22FinisherOver a month ago
63156.96Finisher23.7 Hours ago
64155.75FinisherOver a month ago
65155.13Finisher17.1 Hours ago
66153.39Finisher363.9 Hours ago
67152.15FinisherOver a month ago
68149.45FinisherOver a month ago
69148.86FinisherOver a month ago
70146.94Finisher189.9 Hours ago
71146.83Finisher188.3 Hours ago
72146.16Finisher24.6 Hours ago
73146.12Finisher22.2 Hours ago
74146.10FinisherOver a month ago
75145.63FinisherOver a month ago
76145.57Finisher46.3 Hours ago
77145.57FinisherOver a month ago
78144.80FinisherOver a month ago
79144.60FinisherOver a month ago
80144.56Finisher401.6 Hours ago
81144.11Finisher501.2 Hours ago
82144.02FinisherOver a month ago
83100.37Not YetOver a month ago
8496.91Not YetOver a month ago
8583.91Not Yet24.2 Hours ago
8672.68Not YetOver a month ago
8772.09Not YetOver a month ago
8870.75Not Yet191.0 Hours ago
8968.58Not YetOver a month ago
9057.81Not Yet748.2 Hours ago
9136.71Not YetOver a month ago
9234.60Not YetOver a month ago
9329.27Not YetOver a month ago
9425.73Not YetOver a month ago
9523.08Not YetOver a month ago
9621.98Not YetOver a month ago
9717.24Not YetOver a month ago
9815.61Not YetOver a month ago
9914.54Not YetOver a month ago
1008.09Not YetOver a month ago
1016.85Not YetOver a month ago
1026.03Not YetOver a month ago
1035.31Not YetOver a month ago
1045.00Not YetOver a month ago
1053.29Not YetOver a month ago
1062.06Not YetOver a month ago
1062.06Not YetOver a month ago
1081.03Not YetOver a month ago
1081.03Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not Yet68.2 Hours ago
1100.00Not Yet72.8 Hours ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago
1100.00Not YetOver a month ago

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☑ = Rider interview in current or upcoming newsletter

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