16 thoughts on “MB808

  1. Honey, here’s a big congratulations on reaching Unobtanium, and being the first woman rider to reach each of the metal levels. !! Way to go!!

    • Thank you. We are a great team. It’s been a great Mother’s Day. I started this rally thinking I might reach finisher. Turns out BMR IS HABIT FORMING🤣💦💦

    • Way to go Jeanie! Congrats to you on Platinum! Quite a feat! I hope to get there too, the highest I’ve gotten is Gold. We’ll see… And yes, it is habit forming!

      • Thank you Nancy. I’m so excited. What a fun 5 months. Thank you for you supportive words throughout. I have no doubt you will make it too.

      • Nancy you are cutting us short. You are Platinum. LOL. I’m UNOBTANIUM Girl if you are working to get past Gold, your already there. LOL. Mission accomplished.

    • Thank you Gilbert. It’s actually Unobtanium, but I’m happy.
      I’ve had great fun watching all the veterans. Can’t wait for the finish.

      • Jeanie, sorry about that but I have a good excuse (maybe) after 15 1/2 hours on the road home Sunday. Let me try it again as I’m a little more rested…Congrats on achieving Unobtanium!!

        • Gilbert it’s all good. Thank you. I’ve been keeping up with you guys & this weekend y’all were tearing it up. I can only imagine what this next 2 weeks will bring. Good luck and safe travels.

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