PP The Norris’

I think it is high time to introduce the Norris’ riding in this year’s BMR:
On the left is Daniel, Andrew is in front, and I, Bill, am in the right. Hidalgo, my 1997 Vulcan 500 LTD with almost 200,000 miles is the bike in the picture.

ADMIN NOTE: Amazing job guys!! To view the posts of these two young riders:

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4 thoughts on “PP The Norris’

  1. This is awesome. Bill, please remind us of the ages of your boys and their riding accomplishments. And I’ll do a admin edit of your post plus give it some visibility so it doesn’t get lost in the noise.
    AMAZING efforts by all in the Norris family this year, you all have certainly put on a show!! Seems every year we get amazing riders out of Texas, y’all sure lived up to the amazing efforts we’ve become accustomed to from the Silver Star State!!!

  2. Thanks for the praise. And I am honored to mention that Daniel is 14 years old and Andrew was 9 years old at the start of the Rally. (He had a birthday last week.) I am much older than either of them. 🙂

    Daniel achieved Ironbutt status at 10 years old and has been a great riding companion. He currently has five IBA certificates including a SS2000. Since I continue to feed him he continues to grow at the teenage rate of ‘too much too fast’. He hopes to be on his own bike next year.
    Andrew had not been more than 100 miles in a day before he decided to enter the BMR. Since that time he has a personal best of almost 400 miles in a day. However Andrew does not desire Ironbutt status and is comfortable sightseeing.

    • Bill it’s great you have two children who are interested in riding. I knew Daniel was racking up the points, and then Andrew shows up. Such a great family sport. It’s a pleasure to meet these fellow Texans. Good luck to you all 3. I hope we cross paths someday. Safe travels.

      “Keep on keeping on”

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