Points Earned On This Submission: 1.10 pts    
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About 491.Gary.Whitehead

I started riding motorcycles in 1963 at 10 years old. Rode scrambles on a Honda 50. After the Honda 50, Honda S-90, Yamaha DT-1, Husky 250, Ossa Stellito, Ossa TT Scrambler. The scrambler broke my leg in 1971. Over the years had a Yamaha RD400 and Suzuki GS1000. In 1988 sold the bikes and concentrated on work and family. Retired in 2014 and bought a Yamaha FJR1300. Been having a lot of fun riding. Rode the BMR in 2016 and had a great time. Looking forward to the challenge, adventure and all the super nice BMR participants.

3 thoughts on “PA205

  1. Nice Job “Old Skewl”.
    While the app is very handy for making sure DIC/HIC/MIC are in your picture … is OK to not use the app and manually put the codes in. Prior to the app this was the way to do it, and for some riders (Kurt Worden) the prefferred way. It’s not a bad option.

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