3 thoughts on “AH529

  1. I’ll get to 500k yet. If I get done working here in Wyoming soon. It has been sitting on my job for about two months. I get about 10 to 11 mpg. I’m scared to think about how much money has run through it.

    • At 10MPG you’ve put nearlyl 50,000 gallons into it. Let’s guestimate average fuel price per gallon over the last few years at $3.00 gallon = $150,000’ish dollars worth of fuel you’ve put into that truck alone. For that you could have put a few more nice bikes in the stable, but maybe not enough where you’d notice LOL.
      You work hard Eric, those miles are just one example. Keep on Truckin’

  2. Sighhh, I won’t be impressed until you reach a half million miles. 34K to go.
    What is you MPG?, Curious how many dollars in fuel alone you’ve put into that truck.

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