Well, I’ve been retired for a week(42 year’s professional firefighter), have been using the hell outta my retirement gifts, and chomping at the bit awaiting the start of BMR 2018!
Let’s roll!!! 😀

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2 thoughts on “PP

  1. Beautiful .45 Auto.

    P227? Love the laser etching. wonderful gift.
    You’ll have to show it off to other riders when you meet them at bonuses.

    Glad you’re putting retirement to good use.

    • Glock 30, I love my .45 acp and with several 1911’s in the safe, the members of the department decided it was time for something different!

      As for showing it off, I’ll wait and see where I’m traveling and if my CCW is honored there. Works in most places, there are damned few that don’t take an Arizona CCW, and those that don’t, won’t allow ANY carry! LOL

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