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  1. On the iPhone when you’re in the photo mode, a box appears in the middle of the photo (focus). On the right side of the box is a slider, which will adjust brightness. Works well in the dark!

  2. In addition to what Nancy said, you are often better off NOT using the flash.

    If you don’t see the brightness adjustment slider tap the screen.

  3. Agree w/Gray and Nancy … however, none of the camera features are available in the BMR App. You’ll need to go old school to make full use of the camera.

    • Kurt – while you can’t access features like Time Lapse, Slo-Mo, Video, Portrait, Pano, etc. (all stuff not useful in the rally anyway) the basic function of the camera is available. Things like Zoom, Brightness, and Flash are completely available from within the app.

      • Gary … must be your new fancy iPhone … it’s certainly not available on mine. I also don’t have other features like brightness on the screen, I can access it but through the focus function.

        I use GorillaCam because it provides the features you’ve mentioned plus other s and it’s free and I’m cheap.

  4. Hmmmmm. Those features are on my antique iPhone 5s, so I’d be surprised they’re not on your iPhone. Tap the screen, look beside the box for the sun …. or light … or whatever it is. Slide it up and down and you get brightness (analog: aperture control).

    Thanks for the lesson, Nancy!

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