11 thoughts on “CA130

  1. Carl, congratulations on finisher status. Great hustle and planning. Another BMR finish under your belt, thanks for your efforts in BMR2018, we hope to have you back in 2019.

  2. Thanks for all the congrats. Pretty tough day with lots of rain – at least it was relatively warm. Had a scary moment at the end of the ride. At 6pm in the rain and dark on I-85 through Greenville my bike starting feeling funny like a low rear tire. Uh Oh I thought, but maybe it was just the road construction area. Rode about 15 miles to get home and measure 5 PSI!!!!! in the rear tire. I guess that new Roadsmart kind of acts as a run flat. Gotta check that out tomorrow. Boy – what a way to potentially end a Finisher ride – flat tire, in the dark and rain, on the interstate in rush hour traffic.

    • Thanks Kurt. Tim says he is basically done for a while. Let’s see if he goes for that GT in Floriduh this weekend!

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