3 thoughts on “PP000

  1. What an awesome picture. Yes indeed, Rider #730 sure has nearly daily exposure to many of the greatest ambassadors and legends to motorcycling. And at 12 years old she’s not doing too shabby in BMR2018! This picture needs to be kept in a safe place, it will mean more to her in future years.

    • Mary, what a treat for all of us to see you following our fun. Priscilla is unbelievable. After a long day in the saddle today, she’s been in two western states and seemingly is heading in to Nevada tonight. I’m assuming NV will be home for the night to get staged for another big day tomorrow. I’m doubtful that many 12 years old girls spent a long day in the saddle in three western states today while competing in a motorcycle event …riding into the night to get staged to earn more points the next day. She has certainly captured our imagination.

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