6 thoughts on “PP Platinum

  1. Good Morning Sunshine! You two have put in a solid weekend already. And you’re still quite a ways from home. Day 4 on the road for you Griff. Stay dry, hope the weather eases up. Get home safe, quite a ride the last couple of days.

    • Late response on this John, but to answer your comments:
      1. stay dry – forget that, poured like crazy in the morning
      2. hope the weather eases – forget that, same as yesterday
      3. get home safe – yep, I did that. Tim is almost home

      Great weekend except for the weather.

  2. Well, I bailed on a GT/RJ/NT ride this Saturday … and it only rained for 30 minutes at the house. Sorry you got soaked Griff and Tim, but your experience made me feel a little better … a little … about missing out on BIG points.

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