12 thoughts on “WH313

    • Got me on this one! It’s RENO time! 23-2400 on 13 March in RENO – crap! My east coast time says it would be between 2-3 AM – but for Reno Time is should have been on 14 March eastern 🙁

      I didn’t think it through 🙁

  1. March 13, 2300 Reno time = March 14, 0200 Eastern time. I still screw this up, despite finishing several BMR events.

  2. No alarm tonight, i’m on an SS1K to JAX – hopefully I’ll be in some what civilized area during those hours 🙂

  3. “You can get today’s WD with yesterday’s DIC.” That’s true for every bonus outside the Pacific Time Zone. East coast folks work the WD from 3 am to 3 am.

  4. On second thought …. “You can get YESTERDAY’S WD with TODAY’s DIC” if you’re east of Reno.

    I should stop confusing myself.

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