8 thoughts on “PP The Adventure is Over…Transmission

  1. I can’t reply using my cell phone. Anyway I’m home 1,087 miles at 8.6 mpg. The roll back driver above was great, took good care of my broke baby loading/unloading and tying it down. The engine goes vroom-vroom and in manual mode the CVT-Transmission changes gear, gear selector lites on dash, but no power getting to the rear wheel. I heard a soft pop then that was it. I was 12-miles North of Bubbles the Sea Cow, one of the top five I wanted to bag on my Go Long trip.

  2. I had three plans on how I was going to get the bike off the 20-ft U-Haul truck without hurting me or damaging the bike. A biker I’ve known for years has a body shop with a roll back and he is a part time motorcycle cop in the town his shop is in. His son came out, we rolled the Burgman onto the tail of the rollback, I held the brakes while Billy let me down gently. Bike is at the door of my shop until I get the lift table in place. When AAA picked me up the driver held the bike while I operated the levers, he had a wild ride compared to me today. So a shout out to Kirk’s Auto Body in Dublin, PA. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=kirk's%20auto%20body BTW he didn’t want to charge me so I gave Billy a nice tip.

  3. After troubleshooting the CVT belt broke, about three weeks of work DIY, or junk it. Entire drive train has to be removed with means the bike needs to be almost completely stripped. What to do!

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