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144 = Finisher | 317 = Bronze | 475 = Silver | 634 = Gold | 792 = Platinum | 950 = Unobtanium
1,440 = Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Below Is Not A Roster, Only Riders With Scored Submission Are Shown.


11459.890Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious32.2 Hours ago
21363.183Unobtanium17.0 Hours ago
31035.418Unobtanium17.6 Hours ago
41013.974Unobtanium38.7 Hours ago
5968.668Unobtanium16.9 Hours ago
6762.573Gold16.6 Hours ago
7745.901Gold4.1 Hours ago
8729.143Gold16.0 Hours ago
9694.277Gold180.5 Hours ago
10685.099Gold16.0 Hours ago
11625.212Silver7.0 Hours ago
12619.766Silver531.9 Hours ago
13611.858Silver17.6 Hours ago
14544.603Silver17.4 Hours ago
15535.585Silver3.9 Hours ago
16511.830Silver61.3 Hours ago
17503.093Silver268.0 Hours ago
18453.332Bronze17.3 Hours ago
19444.591Bronze13.1 Hours ago
20429.071Bronze13.9 Hours ago
21424.513Bronze12.7 Hours ago
22390.479Bronze63.9 Hours ago
23372.431Bronze17.6 Hours ago
24351.748Bronze66.3 Hours ago
25351.567Bronze16.7 Hours ago
26333.677Bronze82.8 Hours ago
27333.372Bronze66.3 Hours ago
28331.813Bronze17.0 Hours ago
29330.385Bronze55.6 Hours ago
30324.749Bronze226.9 Hours ago
31323.092BronzeOver a month ago
32312.954Finisher58.3 Hours ago
33291.674Finisher36.3 Hours ago
34284.893Finisher32.0 Hours ago
35284.527Finisher65.7 Hours ago
36282.784Finisher15.3 Hours ago
37281.453Finisher56.7 Hours ago
38271.106Finisher66.4 Hours ago
39269.768Finisher187.2 Hours ago
40265.714Finisher25.5 Hours ago
41265.440Finisher67.5 Hours ago
42260.623Finisher78.6 Hours ago
43239.646Finisher115.7 Hours ago
44232.358Finisher15.9 Hours ago
45227.578Finisher12.6 Hours ago
46225.741FinisherOver a month ago
47222.943Finisher7.6 Hours ago
48207.841Finisher587.2 Hours ago
49203.654Finisher32.4 Hours ago
50203.256Finisher32.5 Hours ago
51191.515Finisher49.7 Hours ago
52191.109Finisher193.6 Hours ago
53187.741Finisher54.5 Hours ago
54183.616Finisher81.6 Hours ago
55164.499Finisher4.9 Hours ago
56163.261FinisherOver a month ago
57154.475FinisherOver a month ago
58152.377FinisherOver a month ago
59150.988Finisher106.8 Hours ago
60149.706Finisher394.6 Hours ago
61148.088Finisher33.1 Hours ago
62146.881Finisher393.5 Hours ago
63144.958FinisherOver a month ago
64144.623Finisher173.4 Hours ago
65144.574Finisher167.5 Hours ago
66144.540Finisher200.5 Hours ago
67142.705Not YetOver a month ago
68135.524Not Yet4.9 Hours ago
69133.603Not YetOver a month ago
70133.006Not Yet168.5 Hours ago
71129.619Not Yet7.4 Hours ago
72122.238Not Yet4.1 Hours ago
73121.372Not Yet110.5 Hours ago
74121.293Not Yet16.3 Hours ago
75119.382Not Yet34.5 Hours ago
76108.950Not Yet587.2 Hours ago
77102.021Not Yet176.4 Hours ago
7899.118Not Yet37.3 Hours ago
7998.510Not Yet376.0 Hours ago
8095.625Not Yet37.2 Hours ago
8195.544Not Yet74.5 Hours ago
8284.606Not YetOver a month ago
8384.172Not Yet56.8 Hours ago
8482.112Not Yet32.0 Hours ago
8576.740Not Yet35.4 Hours ago
8676.315Not YetOver a month ago
8771.892Not YetOver a month ago
8863.605Not YetOver a month ago
8954.625Not Yet155.6 Hours ago
9054.370Not Yet7.0 Hours ago
9153.182Not Yet154.9 Hours ago
9249.210Not Yet106.8 Hours ago
9346.972Not Yet562.1 Hours ago
9446.772Not YetOver a month ago
9544.607Not Yet156.4 Hours ago
9641.210Not Yet57.4 Hours ago
9741.077Not Yet560.0 Hours ago
9838.386Not Yet144.8 Hours ago
9934.269Not YetOver a month ago
10024.579Not YetOver a month ago
10119.884Not Yet245.6 Hours ago
10217.382Not YetOver a month ago
10315.094Not Yet58.3 Hours ago
10413.634Not Yet706.9 Hours ago
10513.414Not YetOver a month ago
10612.676Not Yet561.6 Hours ago
10711.218Not Yet412.1 Hours ago
10810.556Not YetOver a month ago
1098.854Not YetOver a month ago
1107.330Not YetOver a month ago
1116.554Not YetOver a month ago
1116.554Not YetOver a month ago
1135.996Not YetOver a month ago
1143.876Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not Yet14.6 Hours ago
1150.000Not Yet13.0 Hours ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago
1150.000Not YetOver a month ago

★ = Riders who have completed 5 or more BMR/BMRx Events

This is a dynamic report, every time you load this page, the whole rally is scored from scratch.

This is not a roster, only riders who have sent submissions are shown.