- Apps Are Being Released -

If you found this email in your spam folder, please let your filter know it's not spam. We have a new and improved way to send updates/alerts .....But your spam filter may not initially like the change. This is the 4th email alert. All current and historical email alerts and newsletters can be found on the BMR site on the Newsletter page.

Important Information On The BMR Smartphone Apps

Credentials and and access to the BMR apps are currently being distributed. (yay!!). Be sure to read the following information:

Action Items:
  • Information is being sent out to riders in a random fashion, it's purposely a staggered release.
  • The email containing your info is coming from apps@bigmoneyrally.com Many have reported that the email went to their spam filter. So, check your spam filter to see if you've been sent the info. If you want to be pro-active, tell your spam filter to pass emails from apps@bigmoneyrally.com
  • Be sure to follow the instructions in the email carefully. You are encouraged to print and save. You are encouraged to make permanent note of your credentials should you need them in the future.
  • Among the instructions, you'll find link to tutorial videos etc. Please take the time to learn to use the app. Veterans will find the apps are a bit different than previous BMR apps
  • Also included in the instructions is how to submit bonuses without the app. This is a valuable thing to know and you are responsible for knowing how to do this. (hint practice it and be familiar with how to do it).
  • You are strongly encouraged to use the app to send test and practice pictures. Label them as PP (Personal Pics). We don't care how many pics of your ugly cat we see, ...please don't be shy to test and practice Those that do practice will have fewer issues in the real world when submitting bonuses in the cold,dark and wet conditions that we've ordered up for all bonus locations.
  • If you have issues or questions, ask, and be patient. Remember your BMR staff are volunteers with real jobs and real lives.
  • If you haven't yet got your app credentials, rest assured they're coming and you'll have them soon. Again, we're purposely staggering the release and it's random, it's not that we love you less.
  • BIG thanks to those who have been testing. Some of you have posted one picture and think you've got it. Veteran or not, submitting one picture is not going to give you the practice you need come Feb22 ...practice and learn the app.
Thanks you for being a part of BMR 2019. February is fast approaching and many are working hard behind the scenes to bring you a kick-ass event.

Repetitive links and info below. Some tid-bits are worth multiple looks.
BMR provides good info to help you succeed . Below we'll link a few things that you may find beneficial.
There are many BMR rockstars who consistently make brilliant efforts at each and every bonus location. Here are a few examples to learn from and follow. More coming in future newsletters.
Below are videos to help keep you safe, and to provide good moto-bike entertainment while waiting for Feb22