- Merry Christmas -

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Merry Christmas from your friends at BMR.

Christmas cheers to all BMR participants and friends of the BMR! You are very appreciated and all of the (many) great folks who make the BMR possible are excited to bring you a fantastic event in 2019.

Action Items:
  • Catch your breath and enjoy the holidays. In past years we've all been frantic in December preparing for BMR starting on Jan01. But this year you can actually catch your breath, enjoy family and save your energy for the months ahead. BMR2019 will be shorter, but it won't be leaner. BMR2019 will have numerous temptations to get you on the bike and out riding ....Don't doubt this statement.
  • In late December, or very early January, expect direct emails from BMR staff on all the details of the new apps. As you know, Justin Long has taken over stewardship of the apps and he's done some very nifty things. A few people are testing as things get dialed in. The roll-out of the apps will come in stages, we'll randomly release the app in groups. Reminder: Your old keys are obsolete and you cannot post to the site. Many of you have tried, it ain't going to work ..so be patient and wait for new app and your keys/pins to activate.
  • We're still looking for a Feb01 bonus listing release date. GREAT efforts and brilliant skills have gone into this year's bonus listing. We're very proud.
  • Order tires, you'll want to have them on hand this year. Order two sets if you're looking to place in the top 50 riders.
  • Get those kitchen passes from your spouse. Remind your spouse that BMR will not steal you for 5 months this year, but Feb22 --> May31 are going to be full of opportunities.
  • Get those vacation days ready. Let your boss know that she'll be missing you on occasion.
  • If you haven't already signed up for the banquet, consider doing so, there is still room and what a great opportunity to share fun with your BMR peers and be a part of the start of IBR 2019!
  • If you're a BMR veteran, raise your hand to help/mentor a newbie on how we do things. If you're a newbie, look for opportunities to learn from the many veteran BMR riders. BTW, you won't find a better group of great people.
  • If you have questions (ideally not dumb ones, but we'll field all questions): These last days of December are a GREAT time to send a note to yours truly. Use the contact form on the site.

  • Friday March 16th, you'll want to be in Lancaster CA USA for some fun and big BMR points with BMR's best friends: Streetmasters.
  • Saturday April 12th it may be prudent to be in the vicinity of Payson AZ USA

Enjoy the holidays, spend time with the family, friends, pets and co-workers that you'll be abandoning starting Feb22. Review your (above) action items and reach out to us with questions.

Holiday hugs from the MANY great people who make this event possible.
Below are a few links and such left over from the last email alert.
BMR provides good info to help you succeed . Below we'll link a few things that you may find beneficial.
There are many BMR rockstars who consistently make brilliant efforts at each and every bonus location. Here are a few examples to learn from and follow. More coming in future newsletters.
Below are videos to help keep you safe, and to provide good moto-bike entertainment while waiting for Feb22