Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at BMR.

As we count down the days to Feb22, there are many things happening in the background to bring you the best BMR event ever.

In December they'll be exciting things happening, including the release of beta versions of the newly remodeled smartphone apps as well as a mock rally to help you get things dialed in. By Jan01 you'll have theses items in-hand.

Meanwhile, here are a few things you can do to help you prepare for BMR 2019

  • Buy an accurate but inexpensive watch and set it to RenoTime, Keep it within reach -always. Everything in BMR reflects current local time in Reno Nevada USA. BMR veterans refer to this as "RenoTime". Some novices refer to RenoTime as Pacific Time.
  • This year there will be MANY high point value bonuses with limited window of opportunity, whether it be a 24 hour window or a one hour window, you'll want to be in sync with the rally clock and the rally clock is always on RenoTime..
BMR provides good info to help you succeed . Below we'll link a few things that you may find beneficial.
There are many BMR rockstars who consistently make brilliant efforts at each and every bonus location. Here are a few examples to learn from and follow. More coming in future newsletters.
Below are videos to help keep you safe, and to provide good moto-bike entertainment while waiting for Feb22