If you found this email in your spam folder, please let your filter know it's not spam. We have a new and improved way to send updates/alerts .....But your spam filter may not initially like the change. This is the 4th email alert. All current and historical email alerts and newsletters can be found on the BMR site on the Newsletter page.


A few tid-bits below .....as we approach the end of October and limited remaining time to take advantage of the phenomenal early-bird pricing opportunity.

  • Big kudos to the many who have signed up in October and taken advantage of the early-bird pricing. Early sign ups help us avoid bottlenecks and they help us gauge the resources we'll need in the future.

  • Over 60% of sign-ups to date are going to the finisher banquet in Greenville South Carolina. We don't anticipate that percentage to hold, but you never know!

  • If you have signed up for the banquet, you should be familiar with the private page to get information and instructions to book your hotel room. If you're not, please send us a note and let us know! Many of you have booked your hotel rooms (Nice Job!). Big thanks again to the IBR for bringing us all together for the start of their awesome event. If you haven't booked your room, you need to be aware that there is a group behind us waiting for you to procrastinate so they can take your room!!

  • If you're signed up for BMR only, you can still sign up for the banquet, no crime in not bundling the two.

  • Soon, Lisa Landry will be opening up access to our banquet to IBR riders and staff who are interested in joining us.

Behind the scenes at BMR HQ and our many remote facilities around the globe:

  • Some really great bonus themes are taking form. Many have been in process for over a year. Wow, this year will have some options never seen in previous events.

  • Both the iPhone and Android smartphone apps are getting remodeled with nifty stuff. We're excited to get these out and still have a target of December(ish). Remember the apps are included with your BMR entry this year.

  • We have a brilliant team of people who contribute in some form or another to BMR. This event can't happen without a bunch of do-gooders providing sweat, blood, resources and skills. We have a few areas we can use some help, we'll be posting these soon. If your hand is raised and you have a skill we can use, let us know now and we'll see if we can utilize your goodness. Like to spend time in front of the computer on weekends? If so, you get a pass to the front of the line. We'd like to chat with you and perhaps put you to work.