5 thoughts on “MM111

  1. Yay Liz! Congratulations. Been rooting for you a long time now. So glad to see you in the finishers group. Been a long time coming, but you did it. Congrats!…:-)

  2. I’m late to this congratulations cuz I was auditing every post to make sure it was legit (joke). Liz you’re my favorite. You’ve been with us since the beginning, you always are a treat to follow. You’re the only rider to have a BMR theme done in their honor and you ALWAYS have the most gorgeous bike in the rally. Thanks for playing again with us this year, congrats on your finish and you are very appreciated.

    • Thanks RJ! I appreciate all the hard work everyone puts into this to be a successful event. Love watching everyone and only dream of getting out and riding as much as the crazy ones….lol

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