3 thoughts on “MC061

  1. I have parked the bike in locations that where not very smart at times but this one scare me, not the closeness of the tractor trailer but the resonance in the bridge the truck created, especially after it had cleared the bridge. If I was standing on a scale my weight would have fluctuated 40 lbs. The bike was swaying sideways.

    • You have dozens of places to earn this bonus and you selected a poor one, we all expect better, always put safety first. Part of this rally is the expectation that riders make smart decisions, from your words above you failed.

      • No excuse, I was just stating I had never been on such a short bridge that went into ground resonance, I’ve watch a few helicopters with rotating blades go into ground resonance and flip on their sides, I was already in position to take the picture when the truck blew by me. This was my turn around point. I had already rode through two counties with out finding a county sign, did find them on the way home. I will be more diligent next time.

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