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I started riding motorcycles in 1963 at 10 years old. Rode scrambles on a Honda 50. After the Honda 50, Honda S-90, Yamaha DT-1, Husky 250, Ossa Stellito, Ossa TT Scrambler. The scrambler broke my leg in 1971. Over the years had a Yamaha RD400 and Suzuki GS1000. In 1988 sold the bikes and concentrated on work and family. Retired in 2014 and bought a Yamaha FJR1300. Been having a lot of fun riding. Rode the BMR in 2016 and had a great time. Looking forward to the challenge, adventure and all the super nice BMR participants.

4 thoughts on “RG145

  1. Thank You everyone. Had really good weather, hopefully it will hold for tomorrow. Thanks again. 👍😀🏍

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