Tim and Kurt, Outstanding job on this past 3DR! It was fun watching you guys “duke it out.” Not as much fun as being out riding but still…

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2 thoughts on “PP 3DR

  1. I gotta piggy-back on Tim’s words!! This was a hoot to follow from the bleachers and two phenomenal rides!! Both these riders came through Reno, yet they had completely different routes. Tim didn’t have time to say hello to RJ and RG (but was nice enough to send a note saying he didn’t have time for us) ….but Kurt gave us both a few minutes!! Nice seeing Kurt ….but I bet he blames our visit on coming up a few points short compared to Tim. Nice guys finish last!! He now got that memo!!!

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun riding some roads for the first time, and some other favorites again. Sorry RJ, I’ll slow down next time.

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