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12873.741No Equal24.6 Hours ago
22735.149No Equal41.3 Hours ago
32082.665Googolplex41.9 Hours ago
41884.391Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious61.6 Hours ago
51674.511Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious188.4 Hours ago
61582.039Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious61.4 Hours ago
71431.050Unobtanium63.1 Hours ago
81383.694Unobtanium16.5 Hours ago
91328.454Unobtanium338.2 Hours ago
101299.816Unobtanium18.3 Hours ago
111287.226Unobtanium34 Minutes ago
121192.352Unobtanium77.0 Hours ago
131179.822Unobtanium518.3 Hours ago
141115.603Unobtanium64.5 Hours ago
151017.758Unobtanium7.0 Hours ago
161002.759Unobtanium636.8 Hours ago
17978.632Unobtanium7.1 Hours ago
18950.958Unobtanium157.9 Hours ago
19871.111Platinum66.3 Hours ago
20833.238Platinum63.4 Hours ago
21813.943Platinum185.9 Hours ago
22794.057Platinum375.3 Hours ago
23786.744Gold52.3 Hours ago
24748.129Gold64.0 Hours ago
25696.144Gold64.0 Hours ago
26691.443Gold302.1 Hours ago
27658.374Gold227.1 Hours ago
28634.330Gold345.4 Hours ago
29628.686Silver32.3 Hours ago
30606.526Silver36.5 Hours ago
31527.740Silver78.5 Hours ago
32519.426SilverOver a month ago
33516.819Silver667.1 Hours ago
34484.670Silver9.6 Hours ago
35479.538Silver6.6 Hours ago
36467.780BronzeOver a month ago
37467.608Bronze449.6 Hours ago
38467.485Bronze10.4 Hours ago
39441.784Bronze39.4 Hours ago
40418.595BronzeOver a month ago
41404.226Bronze60.9 Hours ago
42360.425Bronze274.5 Hours ago
43327.361Bronze520.0 Hours ago
44326.553Bronze7.9 Hours ago
45322.322Bronze102.3 Hours ago
46321.624Bronze492.8 Hours ago
47306.749Finisher23.3 Hours ago
48294.987FinisherOver a month ago
49287.528Finisher202.2 Hours ago
50261.078Finisher661.1 Hours ago
51256.401Finisher640.0 Hours ago
52238.653Finisher615.2 Hours ago
53227.399Finisher202.5 Hours ago
54226.268FinisherOver a month ago
55220.699Finisher11.6 Hours ago
56216.942Finisher11.7 Hours ago
57215.652Finisher83.6 Hours ago
58212.019Finisher633.6 Hours ago
59205.287FinisherOver a month ago
60198.104Finisher401.7 Hours ago
61196.860FinisherOver a month ago
62192.622FinisherOver a month ago
63189.836FinisherOver a month ago
64184.218Finisher79.5 Hours ago
65176.850Finisher710.1 Hours ago
66174.743FinisherOver a month ago
67170.398Finisher392.9 Hours ago
68167.341Finisher202.1 Hours ago
69163.591FinisherOver a month ago
70162.347Finisher205.7 Hours ago
71160.161FinisherOver a month ago
72158.487Finisher227.2 Hours ago
73156.048Finisher636.4 Hours ago
74155.985FinisherOver a month ago
75152.800FinisherOver a month ago
76152.742Finisher14.5 Hours ago
77152.562Finisher495.2 Hours ago
78148.234FinisherOver a month ago
79148.053Finisher492.0 Hours ago
80146.475Finisher118.5 Hours ago
81144.588FinisherOver a month ago
82144.515Finisher349.0 Hours ago
83115.202Not Yet76.1 Hours ago
84101.608Not YetOver a month ago
85100.306Not YetOver a month ago
8674.841Not YetOver a month ago
8757.534Not YetOver a month ago
8849.773Not YetOver a month ago
8948.056Not YetOver a month ago
9040.440Not YetOver a month ago
9131.095Not YetOver a month ago
9230.274Not YetOver a month ago
9327.656Not YetOver a month ago
9425.156Not YetOver a month ago
9523.915Not YetOver a month ago
969.990Not YetOver a month ago
969.990Not YetOver a month ago
969.990Not YetOver a month ago
969.990Not YetOver a month ago
1006.990Not YetOver a month ago
1013.990Not YetOver a month ago
1020.000Not YetOver a month ago
1020.000Not Yet352.3 Hours ago
1020.000Not Yet18.9 Hours ago

★ = Riders who have completed 5 or more BMR/BMRx Events

This is a dynamic report, every time you load this page, the whole rally is scored from scratch.

This is not a roster, only riders who have sent submissions are shown.