Thank You

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Thank you for being a part of BMR2020.

Truly a year like not other. 249 Days and challenges no one could ever imagine. 2020 has changed the landscape of our lives, it changed BMR but we worked hard to keep as much normality as possible. The world needs that.

Everyone who participates in this event contributes by their quality efforts on the bike. Most also contribute in other ways, small, big and huge. It truly is a grass-root, co-op spirit and we should all feel proud to be in the company of great people who bring personal skill-sets and fun to our big table …all so that people can share fun on motorcycles. Thank You.

This evening, Please raise a glass, or reach out to your peers in this group to congratulate them on their BMR finish.

Here in Minden NV, an intimate group of us will be cheering and thanking all of you. Regardless of where you geographically, you’re in our hearts tonight as we celebrate your contributions and share stories.

Feel free to send PPs …home-brew scribbles banter to your competitors and peers is always fun.

Luvs and hugs to all.

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