We promised that when Marc Beaulac signed up, placards would be released. Well, it happened.

Placards are now available! And earlier than most years -you can thank our long-time friend Marc Beaulac for that.

Of course a few recent sign-ups including Marc will have to wait a day or two for their placards but they'll be available soon.

This party is fast approaching. Get your tires ordered, we're going to church!

CD (Cathedral) Theme Released.

Another theme released! 2019.12.28a -Cathedrals

Theme by Tim Allen, this is a great theme and one of the flagship themes of BMR2020. Tim has a strong history of proven themes and this is another good one. You'll also find yourself north of the border for many of these.

Find the revised bonus listing on the BMR website.

Redundant Things Of Interest Below

Please note that all past and present newsletters are available on the BMR website under the Groovy Tab

Bonus Listing 2019.12.24a Released

Now available to view/download on the BMR website.

  • WD (Word of the Day) Theme Released
  • WH (Word of the Hour) Theme Released
  • Criteria on MC Theme changed. "Methodist Church" now "United Methodist"
There are approximately eight more themes ready to go that will be released in the weeks ahead.

This year's bonus listing will be a dynamic document. Updated often. The themes released before the rally start were chosen for specific reasons. * The DR theme (aka gas and tires) has traditionally been an important theme in the rally and you might be wise to anticipate the same this year. We have given you all DR theme bonuses in advance so you can best plan for the coming 3443 hours starting Jan01

* The FA/AF themes are essentially the same theme. These bonuses will take work in both planning and riding so we want you to have them in advance. Big thanks to BMR favorite veteran Don Stadtler for his creation of this fun theme.

* The multiple random church themes are essentially the same with different name/denomination. You can sure go crazy with this theme and it is BMR's hope that this new component to BMR will take people away from Strip-Mall signage and instead to more enlightening bonus objects. The fun here is YOU the rider get to choose your own bonuses, but with that comes the responsibility of choosing signage and executing great pics for the scoring team.

Countdown To BMR2020

A few weeks ago we did a soft open for BMR2020 registration. Many veteran riders and few new riders have signed up. Thank you for doing so, it helps greatly to have many riders in the system and ready to go early.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED in participating in BMR2020 but have not paid/registered. Now is a great time to get in the mix, as waiting until the final days is never optimal.

At the very least you should have upgraded to the new phone app and sent multiple submissions to the site without issue. You are encouraged to send MANY submissions. No one cares how many pics of your ugly cat you post. Feel free to use any bonus code (make up a number) or send as PP submissions. The important thing is to make sure that you're comfortable posting to the site.

You will be receiving details and instructions of what to do next. Thank you for being a part, thank you for coming in the mix early.


Do you see the light?

Focus on the rider. That is what we're doing this year as we create bonus themes and invest in the BMR infrastructure. We always try to improve what we have in place and slowly roll in new functionality. There are a lot of moving pieces to this event ...as we continually work to create a great event for riding enthusiasts -and this year we're particularly excited about the rally.

What you can expect in BMR2020:

  • HUGE bonus listing which will have thousands of destination bonuses. Likely the largest bonus listing in BMR history and considerably more than last year. The themes this year are inspiring, straight forward and fun.
  • Additionally, the "Gas & Tires" Theme is returning, and again it will compliment the weekly 3-day rallies that have become a popular part of BMR.
  • And of course the meat and potato staples that we all expect from BMR will be on the table as well.
  • 3,443 hours in length. Wow!, one of the longest BMRs ever! Start date = January 01; 2020
  • Camaraderie. Bonus listing and partnerships with other organizations will create great opportunities to share your moto-bike fun and enthusiasm. We will continue to bring riders together at a common place and time. If you have ideas, please raise your hand.

Behind the scenes (techy stuff we've invested in):

  • Improved bonus submission flow and architecture including new Exchange servers.
  • Improved architecture to comment and share submissions on the website. We anticipate this will help riders better share their fun -and to a certain extent even integrate to personal social media.
  • Improved newsletter email send architecture ...which should help newsletters make it to your inbox.
  • Improvements to the BMR smartphone apps. Justin Long continues to apply his skills and wonderful contributions to BMR and you'll be the recipient of some great enhancements to the apps. And a reminder, the apps can be nice tools, but as always they are not mandatory!, they are optional.

Action Items (yes YOU)

  • If you are a BMR2019 alumni, -You are already in the new system and ready to go.
    * Start by Paying and doing Registration
    * Meanwhile, you are ready to post and play with the new apps and new site. Please don't be shy to do so, in fact if you want to play before you pay/register, feel free to do so.
    * Let us know if you have any issues with the new apps etc.

  • NOTE!! Your app login is your BMR key YOUR PIN IS NO LONGER REQUIRED!
  • KEEP YOUR UNIQUE KEY IN A SAFE BUT ACCESSIBLE PLACE!!! You never know when you may need it!!
  • -----------------------------------------
  • If you were not a part of BMR2020 -We need to get you set-up in the system.
    * Start with payment and registration.
    * We will contact you with next steps after we receive your payment and registration.
  • ALL: Please aggressively play with the smartphone app and test play repeatedly. We want/need lots of testing to filter any any potential glitches. Thank you for the hundreds of pics of your ugly cat, keyboard and shag carpet, we don't care how uninspiring your pictures are, just send them!!


  • November15(ish) Registration opens. To help avoid bottlenecks, discounts for early sign-ups.
  • December 15(ish) Initial bonus listing released.
  • December 28(ish) Placards released
  • January 01 00:00 Start of BMR2020
  • May 23 12:00 (noon) RenoTime end BMR2020
  • May 23 BMR2020 Finisher Banquet; Location TBD
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