3DR Week 6 is in the books.

Marc Beaulac ran a very scrappy weekend of riding to earn some big points and hold off a precision run by Gary Andrew. Scrappy riding is nothing new for Marc. In fact, it's kind of the norm, but I think week six 3DR was a bit more, even by Marc's standards.

Below are a few quick take-aways from Marc's weekend, be sure to get with Marc in person and get the full story....
[x] 1PM before finally getting out of Phoenix (late start)
[x] *COLD* between Gallup to Albuquerque
[x] Groom for CD066 (check) ... but can't find "rental" sign
[x] Couldn't make it back to Amarillo for above mentioned sign
[x] Winds so strong in Eastern NM and Western TX that trucks being blown over
[x] Aiming for Winslow, had to change headlight bulb in freezing temps at truck stop
[x] Friggin' cold in Winslow so...
[x] Grabbed motel room, case of flu ...puked all night, ...couple of hours sleep
[x] Decided not to head to CA his 3rd DR bonus of the weekend....
[x] Instead headed to Bagdad only to mess up the CT bonus.
[x] Enough is enough! so pointed toward home ...uhhh, but accident on hwy93 so headed west (BTW new 202 extension hasn't made the GPS software)
[x] HUGE moon of the weekend followed him through most all of it, day and night.
Marc is always a treat to follow, he loves to ride and not just terrestrials are impressed, the moon likes to follow along as well. Congratulations Marc for earning the week six 3DR title!


RJ215, RJ216 ...Countdown, are you on board?

Tick-tock, just a few days away and a quality group of riders from multiple states converging on Reno USA. Weather looking fine. Not too late if you're on the fence. Please let us know you're coming and haven't yet let us know, we'll give you the details and the secret handshake.

RJ Bonuses

RJ theme is a dynamic theme with rare bonuses that typically hold high point value. Most always a one hour window and with the intent to bring riders together. This year the point value will vary, so you'll see a range of point values.. These bonuses will be released throughout the rally, often with general details provided many weeks in advance and specific details provided a week or two before the bonus. It is important to be proactive in following the RJ theme and details will be in these newsletter, *NOT* in the bonus listing. Pay attention!

A few hints ....below are aprox location and date of a few RJ bonuses. Use these hints to block out your calendar. Stay tuned for specifics and more RJ bonuses.
  • 2020.02.15 / RJ215 / Sponsor = RenoJohn & Tom Lettero / Points=19
    Reno NV USA (exact time, location and criteria coming soon)
  • 2020.02.16 / RJ216 / Sponsor = RenoJohn & Tom Lettero / Points=19
    Northern NV USA (exact time, location and criteria coming soon)
  • 2020.03.14 / RJ314 / sponsor = Lisa Landry and the IBA
    Jacksonville FL USA (exact time, location and criteria coming soon)
  • 2020.03.28 / RJ328 / 11:00 to 12:00 / Sponsor = #100 Liz Connors / Points=26.5
    The Smokin' Oak
    501 Columbia Street
    Vancouver WA 98660 USA
    Exact criteria coming....

  • 2020.??.?? / RJ??? / Sponsor = 470.Judi.Ashlock
    Florida USA (Details coming)
  • 2020.04.04 / RJ404 / 11:00 to 12:00 / Sponsor = Marc Beaulac
    1605 Central Ave NE; Albuquerque NM USA (Details coming)
  • 2020.??.?? / RJ??? / Sponsor = 817.Steve.Schwarz (he doesn't know it yet) location will be northern Midwest.
  • 2020.04.05 / RJ405 / Maryland USA Sponsor = Nancy Oswald (Details coming)
  • 2020.05.16 / RJ516 / -Sponsor = Bob Rippy
    Kansas City MO (Details coming)
  • 2020.05.02 / RJ502 / -Sponsor = Nancy Oswald
    College City TX (Details coming)
  • 2020.05.22 / RJ522 /
    Minden NV

BMR 2020 Banquet

BMR 2020 Banquet will be in Minden Nevada. We feel fortunate that we're able to return to our roots -and the location of the first three BMR banquets (2012, 2013, 2014). We had other locations on the short list, including Grand Junction CO, but the stars lined up for us to return to Minden.


Redundant Things Of Interest Below

A few comments on Word Match Bonuses:
  • Great job on this shot Nancy. We see hundreds a week of this quality from dozens of riders! Smart and safe efforts like this are not only appreciated, they are the expectation. And, efforts like this grow karma.
  • You the rider are picking the bonus object (signage). Please don't complain about how tough the shot was as YOU are the one who chose it. Veteran riders work hard to identify signage that can be easily earned, and they often ride on instead of forcing bad submissions. Most word match can be found in hundreds of locations, and many themes you have many months to earn them. Do it right!
  • Most Word Match bonuses ...the ideal strategy is to get face to face with the bonus object. In the picture above the bonus object is OSO CREEK. Note how the rider got face to face, leaving no doubt what the bonus is, and then capped it off with clear concise motorcycle and placard. As we've mentioned before, if the bike is between the camera and the bonus, consider if there is a better way to do it.
  • Finally, not every scoring result is perfect. There is a mechanism in place to challenge. When you challenge, every member of the scoring team sees it. And it is addressed.
  • Unlike early years, we are now liberal on comments on the site, and hope to keep it that way. If you want to critique a rider, please be fair, nice and accurate in the spirit of helping them. IF YOU WANT TO USE THE COMMENT SECTION TO CRITIQUE THE SCORING TEAM ....please contact me directly so that I can help you find an event better suited to you. It won't happen here.
Have you signed up for a STREETMASTERS course yet? Don't be dumb, this is a great way to improve your skills hence improve your enjoyment of moto-bike fun.
Walt and Nancy are best friends of BMR and many BMR riders have participated in their awesome course. Also, stay tuned for STREETMASTERS/BMR event/bonus later in the rally.

Missouri Rally

June 5 @ 5:00 am - June 6 @ 6:00 pm
The NIITWIT group is launching yet another rally for your enjoyment. The Missouri Rally will begin and end in, you guessed it, Missouri! Centrally located approximately a one day ride from either Salt Lake City or the Atlantic seaboard, this 37 hour rally offers the great plains, Ozark mountains, national forests, slabs and backroads. The inaugural theme will be Insurrection and will feature civil war sites with a playing field ranging from Minnesota to Mississippi and Colorado to Pennsylvania. The Missouri Rally is intended to be a fun rally for the first time rally rider (we’re trying to be a gateway drug), as well as a tough routing exercise that will challenge veteran riders.
The rally dates are June 5-6, 2020. Registration is open soon on Ride Master. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email Bob Bowman at missourirally@gmail.com.

**YES BMR veteran and good guy #002 MOBOB BOWMAN is putting on a great rally this summer and it promises to be a grand time. If you live between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and you're not signed up for this you are retarded. Please add this to your summer riding schedule, don't be on the sidelines.

"Where am I going this weekend for my DR bonus?"
"Is it possible to get more than one DR bonus this weekend?"

The above two questions should be ever present in all rider's minds.

To date, no rider has earned qty two DR bonuses in the same week. Will you be the first to do so?

Various Church Themes -Tally as of this newsletter

* 613.Carl.Griffis is leading the Baptist Church Theme, hence leading on a free lunch from Brent Cornell and Timmer Bowman

* 491Gary Whitehead is leading the Catholic Church Theme, winner receives a free lunch from RenoJohn

* ★49 Gary Andrew has taken the lead on the Methodist Church Theme, hence leading on a free lunch from Bob Rippy

* ★49 Gary Andrew is leading (by large margin) on the Seventh Day Adventist Theme, hence leading on a free lunch from #001 Roger Van Santen.

Not only is the THEME TALLY page a fun place to understand the rally, it is one of the many useful tools available to help you with future rides.

Activity Report is a good place to see action between any time window you want. Buttons in place for some obvious ones, but you can set any window you want in the URL.

Another Year of Great Folks! See some of your peers!

There will be much more to report in the coming days, as the first three day rally takes shape, and we take inventory of how riders are attacking the various themes. Topic for next newsletter will include: In BMR Bonus Submission, when do you want your motorcycle between you and the bonus. The answer is rarely, and we'll talk about why this is.

Please note that all past and present newsletters are available on the BMR website under the Groovy Tab


Do you see the light?

Focus on the rider. That is what we're doing this year as we create bonus themes and invest in the BMR infrastructure. We always try to improve what we have in place and slowly roll in new functionality. There are a lot of moving pieces to this event ...as we continually work to create a great event for riding enthusiasts -and this year we're particularly excited about the rally.

What you can expect in BMR2020:

  • HUGE bonus listing which will have thousands of destination bonuses. Likely the largest bonus listing in BMR history and considerably more than last year. The themes this year are inspiring, straight forward and fun.
  • Additionally, the "Gas & Tires" Theme is returning, and again it will compliment the weekly 3-day rallies that have become a popular part of BMR.
  • And of course the meat and potato staples that we all expect from BMR will be on the table as well.
  • 3,443 hours in length. Wow!, one of the longest BMRs ever! Start date = January 01; 2020
  • Camaraderie. Bonus listing and partnerships with other organizations will create great opportunities to share your moto-bike fun and enthusiasm. We will continue to bring riders together at a common place and time. If you have ideas, please raise your hand.

Behind the scenes (techy stuff we've invested in):

  • Improved bonus submission flow and architecture including new Exchange servers.
  • Improved architecture to comment and share submissions on the website. We anticipate this will help riders better share their fun -and to a certain extent even integrate to personal social media.
  • Improved newsletter email send architecture ...which should help newsletters make it to your inbox.
  • Improvements to the BMR smartphone apps. Justin Long continues to apply his skills and wonderful contributions to BMR and you'll be the recipient of some great enhancements to the apps. And a reminder, the apps can be nice tools, but as always they are not mandatory!, they are optional.

Action Items (yes YOU)

  • If you are a BMR2019 alumni, -You are already in the new system and ready to go.
    * Start by Paying and doing Registration
    * Meanwhile, you are ready to post and play with the new apps and new site. Please don't be shy to do so, in fact if you want to play before you pay/register, feel free to do so.
    * Let us know if you have any issues with the new apps etc.

  • NOTE!! Your app login is your BMR key YOUR PIN IS NO LONGER REQUIRED!
  • KEEP YOUR UNIQUE KEY IN A SAFE BUT ACCESSIBLE PLACE!!! You never know when you may need it!!
  • -----------------------------------------
  • If you were not a part of BMR2020 -We need to get you set-up in the system.
    * Start with payment and registration.
    * We will contact you with next steps after we receive your payment and registration.
  • ALL: Please aggressively play with the smartphone app and test play repeatedly. We want/need lots of testing to filter any any potential glitches. Thank you for the hundreds of pics of your ugly cat, keyboard and shag carpet, we don't care how uninspiring your pictures are, just send them!!


  • November15(ish) Registration opens. To help avoid bottlenecks, discounts for early sign-ups.
  • December 15(ish) Initial bonus listing released.
  • December 28(ish) Placards released
  • January 01 00:00 Start of BMR2020
  • May 23 12:00 (noon) RenoTime end BMR2020
  • May 23 BMR2020 Finisher Banquet; Location TBD
If you found this email in your spam folder, please let your filter know it's not spam. We have a new and improved way to send newsletters, you may need to let your email program know we're OK. Any feedback on how well (or otherwise) these newsletters are reaching your inbox is appreciated.