Last year at Heart of Texas Rally these crazy BMR participants gathered to pick up this RJ bonus. Strange how some things can change and what’s important. This year I know these riders are staying home and not gathering their BMR bonuses. Plus, we will now be at HOT in the fall instead of the spring. Is the BMR over for these five, only time will tell. Good luck to everyone, stay safe and healthy

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very nice and thoughtful note. We’re dealing with very crazy times, and your post keeps it in perspective. While this world is currently nuts, it’s the best one to be on. Thanks for the great post, it sure resonates with me.

Memorial Day is still a ways away!

Bill Cumbie

That was a fun day, with some great folks. I’m going to miss seeing them this April. It’s really nice how the RJ’s bring riders together. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

That was a fun day, fun trip, and more rain that anyone should see in a year. The Texas Flood Rally.