2020 BMR Stats:
Total Miles: 19,635
Total Bonus Submissions: 1,167
Total Points: 4,096.064
Points Per Mile: .208
Miles Per Point: 4.79
Average Points per Submission: 3.51
Average Points per Day: 16.45
Overnight Hotel Stays: 1
Friendly Roadside Chats: 2 (just what is wrong with being on the sidewalk?)
Performance Awards: 0
Amount of fun: As always – off the Chart

No Points Earned On This Submission

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I remember years ago some wisdom I got from this group – “The only difference between riding on the street and the sidewalk, is that you need a license to ride on the street.”

Those words have served me well so far.


I am admittedly surprised I didn’t get any friendly chats about being on a sidewalk. I can recall at least a dozen times where I was very obviously seen by someone with authority and they just ignored it completely. Though I suppose when you ATTGATT, maybe they just all knew by then that I wasn’t some hooligan, just a fool trying to get a picture to exactly match some other picture. lol.