Understanding BMRtime + DIC, HIC & MIC
BMR uses local time in Reno Nevada (RenoTime).

**All time references in BMR, refer to RenoTime!**

Many bonuses require you to include a specific BMRtime code with you picture (in addition to the bonus code). Here is a breakdown:

* Daily Identification Code (DIC)
This is a four digit code that represents a specific day.
Example 10pW equals: 2022-11-28

* Hourly Identification Code (HIC)
This is a five digit code that represents a specific day + hour.
Example LC1wM equals: 2022-11-28 19

* Minute Identification Code (MIC)
This is a six digit code that represents a specific day + hour + minutes
Example zSC1xn equals: 2022-11-28 19:39


Because the codes can verify when a picture was taken, we can apply them to many things in the rally to eliminate the need for receipts and other time stamps. We can also use them to enforce sandbagging violations …and we continue to widen how we use these codes both externally and internally. They truly are a game-changer for this event.


When requested, your DIC (or HIC/MIC) must be in your picture. Current code is always at the top of all BMR website pages and can be refreshed by refreshing the page. We dont’ care how you get it in the picture as long as it’s in the picture and easily legible. Many riders use a grease pen and write it on their placard, some use large post-it notes, others use electronic devices. We’re waiting for the first rider to hire the Good Year blimp to display the code for them.


** IMPORTANT NOTE: Riders using a BMR app to submit pictures do **NOT** need to worry about supplying the code ..as the app does it automatically (notice example below).