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144 = Finisher | 380 = Bronze | 570 = Silver | 760 = Gold | 950 = Platinum | 1140 = Unobtanium 1,440 = Battle Born

Below Is Not A Roster, Only Riders With Scored Submission Are Shown.


13898.923Seriously?17.0 Hours ago
23598.031Seriously?50.5 Hours ago
33417.401Seriously?8.6 Hours ago
43264.466Seriously?17.5 Hours ago
52996.812No Equal1.2 Hours ago
62962.687No Equal69.2 Hours ago
72927.116No Equal51.4 Hours ago
82711.854No Equal313.6 Hours ago
92135.741Googolplex3.9 Hours ago
102091.346Googolplex241.3 Hours ago
112090.250Googolplex3.5 Hours ago
122074.947Googolplex23.4 Hours ago
132040.368Googolplex23.4 Hours ago
142029.612Googolplex187.0 Hours ago
151957.438Battle.Born428.3 Hours ago
161846.230Battle.Born504.0 Hours ago
171577.132Battle.Born193.5 Hours ago
181511.846Battle.Born1.3 Hours ago
191507.210Battle.Born500.3 Hours ago
201499.435Battle.BornOver a month ago
211497.463Battle.Born28.6 Hours ago
221496.566Battle.Born43.2 Hours ago
231295.808Unobtanium23.4 Hours ago
241269.059Unobtanium145.1 Hours ago
251255.716Unobtanium127.5 Hours ago
261210.060Unobtanium554.4 Hours ago
271183.413Unobtanium326.0 Hours ago
281180.622Unobtanium26.7 Hours ago
291165.529Unobtanium2.2 Hours ago
301146.372Unobtanium23.8 Hours ago
311063.305Platinum53 Minutes ago
321044.736Platinum165.3 Hours ago
33940.829Gold52 Minutes ago
34864.432GoldOver a month ago
35826.638Gold171.1 Hours ago
36811.644Gold524.6 Hours ago
37760.226GoldOver a month ago
38749.738Silver524.6 Hours ago
39669.052Silver21.4 Hours ago
40660.952Silver22.2 Hours ago
41642.941SilverOver a month ago
42631.560Silver429.9 Hours ago
43587.122SilverOver a month ago
44580.059Silver192.0 Hours ago
45572.185SilverOver a month ago
46547.035BronzeOver a month ago
47544.769Bronze186.6 Hours ago
48532.829BronzeOver a month ago
49486.747BronzeOver a month ago
50461.679Bronze1.3 Hours ago
51451.441Bronze513.7 Hours ago
52440.207Bronze335.6 Hours ago
53435.598Bronze145.0 Hours ago
54416.931BronzeOver a month ago
55416.114BronzeOver a month ago
56401.727BronzeOver a month ago
57399.671Bronze25.7 Hours ago
58327.862Finisher429.3 Hours ago
59322.842FinisherOver a month ago
60315.704Finisher167.1 Hours ago
61314.662Finisher425.2 Hours ago
62303.914Finisher165.1 Hours ago
63291.661FinisherOver a month ago
64284.700FinisherOver a month ago
65259.514Finisher221.7 Hours ago
66252.242FinisherOver a month ago
67227.658FinisherOver a month ago
68203.954FinisherOver a month ago
69199.367Finisher26.5 Hours ago
70187.563FinisherOver a month ago
71180.733FinisherOver a month ago
72176.470FinisherOver a month ago
73174.271FinisherOver a month ago
74172.268FinisherOver a month ago
75167.685FinisherOver a month ago
76162.896Finisher530.1 Hours ago
77162.428FinisherOver a month ago
78160.473Finisher527.4 Hours ago
79159.221FinisherOver a month ago
80151.788FinisherOver a month ago
81151.075FinisherOver a month ago
82150.789Finisher281.9 Hours ago
83146.382FinisherOver a month ago
84145.575FinisherOver a month ago
85140.411Not Yet437.6 Hours ago
86115.521Not Yet27.8 Hours ago
87107.187Not Yet342.8 Hours ago
8898.597Not YetOver a month ago
8998.132Not YetOver a month ago
9096.804Not YetOver a month ago
9196.580Not YetOver a month ago
9276.488Not YetOver a month ago
9376.100Not YetOver a month ago
9475.862Not YetOver a month ago
9569.592Not YetOver a month ago
9650.685Not Yet560.2 Hours ago
9747.359Not YetOver a month ago
9843.628Not Yet675.4 Hours ago
9930.167Not YetOver a month ago
10011.900Not YetOver a month ago
10011.900Not YetOver a month ago
1029.700Not YetOver a month ago
1037.500Not YetOver a month ago
1042.500Not YetOver a month ago
1050.000Not YetOver a month ago
1050.000Not Yet44.6 Hours ago
1050.000Not YetOver a month ago

★ = Riders who have completed 5 or more BMR/BMRx Events

This is a dynamic report, every time you load this page, the whole rally is scored from scratch.

This is not a roster, only riders who have sent submissions are shown.