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Below Is Not A Roster, Only Riders With Scored Submission Are Shown.


1123412.818V.I.P. Extraordinaire219.8 Hours ago
2478.935Silver110.6 Hours ago
3193.681Finisher2.0 Hours ago
4188.565Finisher160.7 Hours ago
586.473Not Yet3.1 Hours ago
670.322Not Yet567.4 Hours ago
742.221Not YetOver a month ago
836.666Not Yet172.4 Hours ago
918.182Not Yet427.9 Hours ago
100.000Not YetOver a month ago
100.000Not Yet551.1 Hours ago

★ = Riders who have completed 5 or more BMR/BMRx Events

This is a dynamic report, every time you load this page, the whole rally is scored from scratch.

This is not a roster, only riders who have sent submissions are shown.