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144 = Finisher | 380 = Bronze | 570 = Silver | 760 = Gold | 950 = Platinum | 1140 = Unobtanium 1,440 = Battle Born

Below Is Not A Roster, Only Riders With Scored Submission Are Shown.


11496.568Battle.Born197.7 Hours ago
21449.331Battle.Born145.6 Hours ago
31447.520Battle.Born21.1 Hours ago
41377.369Unobtanium101.3 Hours ago
51303.149Unobtanium384.6 Hours ago
61295.942Unobtanium8.6 Hours ago
71211.015Unobtanium530.9 Hours ago
81045.002Platinum26.7 Hours ago
9996.218Platinum28.9 Hours ago
10994.576Platinum151.2 Hours ago
11953.749Platinum29.0 Hours ago
12931.628Gold7.4 Hours ago
13920.100Gold23.1 Hours ago
14898.213Gold313.2 Hours ago
15846.496Gold343.9 Hours ago
16804.302Gold2.5 Hours ago
17792.702Gold7.9 Hours ago
18788.977Gold323.3 Hours ago
19746.987Silver96.2 Hours ago
20744.826Silver315.5 Hours ago
21731.939Silver249.6 Hours ago
22712.839Silver245.9 Hours ago
23711.644Silver94.6 Hours ago
24703.551SilverOver a month ago
25685.387Silver27.5 Hours ago
26674.768Silver216.1 Hours ago
27659.368Silver294.6 Hours ago
28635.470Silver52.6 Hours ago
29631.941Silver315.4 Hours ago
30622.162Silver23.9 Hours ago
31587.122Silver693.5 Hours ago
32575.029Silver2.9 Hours ago
33532.829Bronze217.4 Hours ago
34521.370Bronze342.0 Hours ago
35499.990Bronze32.7 Hours ago
36496.220Bronze342.1 Hours ago
37483.050Bronze3.7 Hours ago
38470.089Bronze361.7 Hours ago
39464.547Bronze559.3 Hours ago
40416.931Bronze363.3 Hours ago
41416.114BronzeOver a month ago
42401.727Bronze699.1 Hours ago
43322.842FinisherOver a month ago
44316.962Finisher28.7 Hours ago
45291.661FinisherOver a month ago
46285.988Finisher3.5 Hours ago
47281.588Finisher3.4 Hours ago
48277.640Finisher74.6 Hours ago
49274.943Finisher8.1 Hours ago
50261.426Finisher270.8 Hours ago
51231.608Finisher7.3 Hours ago
52230.042Finisher154.9 Hours ago
53223.335Finisher220.9 Hours ago
54203.954FinisherOver a month ago
55203.497FinisherOver a month ago
56201.058Finisher6.8 Hours ago
57200.748Finisher527.8 Hours ago
58197.401FinisherOver a month ago
59193.095Finisher345.9 Hours ago
60187.563Finisher365.2 Hours ago
61180.733Finisher336.7 Hours ago
62176.470Finisher361.8 Hours ago
63174.271FinisherOver a month ago
64172.268Finisher198.0 Hours ago
65160.473FinisherOver a month ago
66155.782Finisher291.1 Hours ago
67151.075Finisher701.7 Hours ago
68149.291Finisher410.6 Hours ago
69146.857Finisher364.0 Hours ago
70146.382FinisherOver a month ago
71145.575Finisher101.5 Hours ago
72142.428Not Yet5.4 Hours ago
73133.462Not Yet359.2 Hours ago
74132.651Not Yet368.4 Hours ago
75121.642Not YetOver a month ago
76114.388Not Yet46.0 Hours ago
77111.058Not Yet7.3 Hours ago
7898.597Not Yet77.6 Hours ago
7998.132Not YetOver a month ago
8096.804Not YetOver a month ago
8196.580Not Yet336.0 Hours ago
8289.299Not Yet74.2 Hours ago
8376.488Not Yet677.7 Hours ago
8476.100Not Yet389.1 Hours ago
8575.862Not Yet534.2 Hours ago
8674.678Not Yet706.7 Hours ago
8774.378Not Yet387.5 Hours ago
8871.078Not Yet387.5 Hours ago
8970.042Not YetOver a month ago
9069.592Not Yet678.2 Hours ago
9164.904Not Yet27.0 Hours ago
9254.202Not YetOver a month ago
9347.359Not YetOver a month ago
9430.167Not YetOver a month ago
9522.467Not YetOver a month ago
9616.560Not Yet679.3 Hours ago
977.500Not YetOver a month ago
977.500Not YetOver a month ago
977.500Not YetOver a month ago
977.500Not YetOver a month ago
977.500Not YetOver a month ago
1026.059Not Yet699.7 Hours ago
1026.059Not Yet699.7 Hours ago
1042.500Not YetOver a month ago
1050.000Not YetOver a month ago
1050.000Not Yet26.0 Hours ago
1050.000Not Yet32.6 Hours ago

★ = Riders who have completed 5 or more BMR/BMRx Events

This is a dynamic report, every time you load this page, the whole rally is scored from scratch.

This is not a roster, only riders who have sent submissions are shown.