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144 = Finisher | 380 = Bronze | 570 = Silver | 760 = Gold | 950 = Platinum | 1140 = Unobtanium 1,440 = Battle Born

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15589.897Don.Stadtler353.5 Hours ago
25473.859MoBob.Bowman307.0 Hours ago
34644.121insanus EQUITATIO345.6 Hours ago
44431.647Seriously?360.2 Hours ago
54096.064Seriously?238.5 Hours ago
63838.321Seriously?333.2 Hours ago
73697.673Seriously?377.6 Hours ago
83557.605Seriously?355.1 Hours ago
93322.261Seriously?355.6 Hours ago
103313.412Seriously?354.4 Hours ago
113050.919No Equal491.9 Hours ago
122711.854No EqualOver a month ago
132598.049No Equal687.7 Hours ago
142554.901No Equal345.5 Hours ago
152466.930Googolplex345.5 Hours ago
162451.939Googolplex354.8 Hours ago
172268.169GoogolplexOver a month ago
182101.361Googolplex345.7 Hours ago
192096.875Googolplex694.4 Hours ago
202000.797Googolplex517.1 Hours ago
211952.748Battle.BornOver a month ago
221775.140Battle.Born616.3 Hours ago
231671.846Battle.Born693.9 Hours ago
241654.760Battle.Born665.9 Hours ago
251644.847Battle.BornOver a month ago
261516.528Battle.Born358.9 Hours ago
271514.219Battle.Born738.3 Hours ago
281507.210Battle.BornOver a month ago
291489.547Battle.Born517.2 Hours ago
301264.994Unobtanium354.5 Hours ago
311225.402Unobtanium423.0 Hours ago
321220.278Unobtanium354.4 Hours ago
331210.060UnobtaniumOver a month ago
341174.026Unobtanium664.6 Hours ago
351171.779UnobtaniumOver a month ago
361147.366Unobtanium497.8 Hours ago
371145.516Unobtanium497.9 Hours ago
381144.920Unobtanium324.8 Hours ago
391142.435Unobtanium524.5 Hours ago
401140.286Unobtanium350.5 Hours ago
411122.455Platinum357.7 Hours ago
421033.408Platinum664.7 Hours ago
431023.805Platinum665.6 Hours ago
44998.655Platinum665.5 Hours ago
45864.432GoldOver a month ago
46849.104Gold377.6 Hours ago
47816.717Gold335.9 Hours ago
48651.746Silver379.4 Hours ago
49588.219Silver376.1 Hours ago
50587.122SilverOver a month ago
51573.388Silver496.7 Hours ago
52555.340Bronze358.3 Hours ago
53486.747BronzeOver a month ago
54440.207BronzeOver a month ago
55427.980Bronze375.0 Hours ago
56420.880Bronze378.8 Hours ago
57416.931BronzeOver a month ago
58416.114BronzeOver a month ago
59401.727BronzeOver a month ago
60350.101Finisher382.7 Hours ago
61334.721FinisherOver a month ago
62322.842FinisherOver a month ago
63318.221FinisherOver a month ago
64284.700FinisherOver a month ago
65279.514Finisher378.1 Hours ago
66257.727Finisher497.2 Hours ago
67252.242FinisherOver a month ago
68227.658FinisherOver a month ago
69203.954Finisher336.9 Hours ago
70202.927Finisher665.7 Hours ago
71201.811Finisher596.8 Hours ago
72192.268Finisher671.7 Hours ago
73187.563FinisherOver a month ago
74180.733FinisherOver a month ago
75176.470FinisherOver a month ago
76174.271FinisherOver a month ago
77173.388Finisher374.8 Hours ago
78171.260Finisher527.4 Hours ago
79167.685FinisherOver a month ago
80162.896FinisherOver a month ago
81162.428FinisherOver a month ago
82161.140FinisherOver a month ago
83159.221FinisherOver a month ago
84151.788FinisherOver a month ago
85151.075FinisherOver a month ago
86150.789FinisherOver a month ago
87146.382FinisherOver a month ago
88145.575FinisherOver a month ago
89118.397Not YetOver a month ago
90115.521Not YetOver a month ago
9198.132Not YetOver a month ago
9296.804Not YetOver a month ago
9396.580Not YetOver a month ago
9475.862Not YetOver a month ago
9569.592Not YetOver a month ago
9650.685Not YetOver a month ago
9747.359Not YetOver a month ago
9843.628Not YetOver a month ago
9930.167Not YetOver a month ago
10011.900Not YetOver a month ago
10011.900Not YetOver a month ago
1029.700Not YetOver a month ago
1037.500Not YetOver a month ago
1042.500Not YetOver a month ago
1050.000Not YetOver a month ago
1050.000Not Yet154.6 Hours ago
1050.000Not Yet375.2 Hours ago

★ = Riders who have completed 5 or more BMR/BMRx Events

This is a dynamic report, every time you load this page, the whole rally is scored from scratch.

This is not a roster, only riders who have sent submissions are shown.