Daily Biker Flicks From Your Friends At BMR

Due to the fact that many have had our normal routines disrupted, BMR will provide a new biker video every day(ish) for your streaming pleasure.

Hoka Hey 2020 Tracking”

Live Stream From Sturgis 1″

Live Stream From Sturgis 2″

Live Stream From Sturgis 3″

Live Stream From Sturgis 4″

Streaming Now: “Girl On A Bike”
Cult classic. Well, maybe not a classic.

Streaming Now: “On Any Sunday”
Bruce Brown’s 1972 Classic. BTW, BMR folks were involved in this movie.

“On Any Sunday II”
2014. BTW, BMR folks were involved in this movie.

“I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle”

“Being Evel”

“The Motorcycle Diaries”

“Las Vegas COVID-19”
A short video filmed March26 Las Vegas

“The Wild One”
Requested by Jerry White …an iconic classes that’s tough to beat.

Certainly a UK classic and in some ways timeless. Also where Sting got his acting debut and exposure. He’s the Bellboy.

“The Stranger”
This quirky biker flick was filmed in NV, almost exclusively in Goldfield and Coaldale. Those who have spent any time riding in Nevada will certainly recognize many buildings and landmarks.

“Electra Glide In Blue”
Thanks to Jack Weston for suggesting this ultra-groovy classic. Robert Blake before he got really weird.

“Hard Miles”

**After streaming Hard Miles, you’ll want to get your hands on the second in the series, and you can do so by buying directly from Dean’s company! Go to this link and order Hard Miles II:
Up Next: TBD

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Steve G

Thanks so much for posting this! I have and love watching HM2 and have wanted to watch Part 1 for a while. Kudos!


Thanks John. It was really great (reads: very painful :-0) reliving those memories from 2007. 🙂

fred ziegler

Excellent film!!!

Sent in my order for #2

Great stuff, John…your current upload selection here has kept me occupied the past two nights. Far better than anything available on the iTunes store. Big thumbs up!! -Dan Simmonds

Thank you sir!

Chuck Lackey

Thanks John!