Final Instructions

Placards are typically available 1 week before the start of the event

We appreciate you being a part of BMR. Thank you!

Many people work very hard via countless contributions big and small to create a unique event for you to compete and enjoy time on motorcycles. Over the years, a core group of participants has raised the bar high with their efforts and contributions. These riders have defined and shaped this event in many, many, ways. You’ll find these riders taking pride in their efforts and behavior. And we all expect the same of you.


As a participant: You’ll find many people cheering your efforts, bonus by bonus, as you earn your way to Finisher Status and beyond. Your competitors are your teammates and your biggest fans, and all are watching.

Before downloading your placard:

**Be sure that you understand the expectations of this event.

**Know the difference between picture-match and word-match and the unique expectations of each.

**Be sure to spend time with the document that Gary Andrew and the scoring team created for you

**Realize that you are an invited guest of this rally, all of your goodness and otherwise will be on display for all to witness. Asshats will not be tolerated. Should your attitude or behavior be outside the positive and fun spirit of this rally: You won’t be playing with us for long. Simply put: Don’t be a dick.

**If you have questions, if you get frustrated: Be sure to reach out to rally staff or a “star” participant of this event, you’ll find many people eager to help and mentor.


By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you’re eager to over-achieve on the above expectations. You will always put safety first and you’ll help contribute to a spirit that enhances moto-bike fun for all BMR participants.