Welcome to the Big Money Rally




The Big Money Rally (“BMR”) is a unique motorcycle rally. For 2020, the BMR will begin on January 01 and go until noon Saturday May 23. Accounting for DST, this equals:
0.0393 decades. = 0.393 years. = 143.4583 Days. = 3.443 Hours. = 206,530 Minutes. = 12,394,800 seconds.
Unlike most rallies, the BMR is not an endurance rally; rather riders in the BMR have many months to collect bonus points.


Many top finishers log tens of thousands of miles collecting points during the duration of the rally. On the other hand, many other riders are content to stay much closer to home. The fun part is that the BMR offers an entertaining experience for every type of rider.



Several weeks before the start of the rally, participants are able to download the Rally Pack including GPX files. Often, additional bonus items and meet up events are released throughout the BMR. The 2019 Version of the BMR will have many of these extra bonuses and events issued during the rally



The BMR bonus listing is made up of two types of bonus themes; Word Match and Picture Match.

– Word Match Themes: In these themes, a word or short phrase is given that the rider must find on a BMR eligible permanent sign of the riders choosing.

– Picture Match Themes: In these themes, the rider travels to a specific location and matches a sample picture that is provided by the rally.



One of the unique aspects of the BMR is that bonus submissions are sent while still at the bonus location to Rally Headquarters via an email from your smart phone. Almost all submissions in the BMR require your bike, your placard, and the bonus material to be in each picture. The submission is posted and will show on the BMR website submission pages within a couple of minutes and is scored as soon as a scorer is able to review the submission. Although scoring is not guaranteed to be near real-time, scoring of the submission is often done within just a few minutes. In fact, scoring is often completed prior to the rider leaving the bonus location.



The real time posting of all bonus submissions on the BMR website allows for another one of the fun and unique features of the BMR – Bonus Poaching. Other riders will be able to see where you’ve found a particular bonus, just as you will be able to use other rider’s bonus locations as scouting material for your own ride.



The BMR has a special, dedicated App that is available and can be used to submit bonus photos. Although use of the App is not mandatory, it makes submitting bonus photos much easier and will automatically include time stamp information that is required in many of the bonus themes. The App is available for both iPhone and Android and is included with your rally registration fee.



Because of the near real-time scoring, rally participants know their placement status within the rally at all times. There is no waiting until the end of the rally to find out how you did. You’ll find yourself visiting the Scoreboard often.



In order to be considered a Finisher in the BMR, a rider needs to score at least 144 points. This works out to approximately 1.5 points per day during the rally. No minimum miles ridden is required. The BMR is a winter and spring rally, so depending on location, there may be many days during the rally that are not suitable for riding.



The BMR tops the event off with an End of the Season Banquet where many BMR riders come together, have good food, and exchange great comradery. Attending the banquet is not mandatory in order to participate in the BMR, but it’s always a good time!